Links – 006 (Monday)

Czech-Chinese relations.

Mark Fisher on ancient texts in modern politics.

The strangeness of Berlin. “So what’s attractive about Berlin is precisely what’s missing in the cities that are beautiful. It’s not perfect and it cares not to be. Walking through its streets and thinking about the place is unsettling; you don’t know if something strange and unfortunate is going to happen next. That gives it an incredible vibrancy, a freedom that comes from knowing that it doesn’t have to be gorgeous or be beholden to the aesthetic past.”

Stock markets in the rise of the Nazi party. “After the summer of 1932, the rising tide of Germany’s recovering economy lifted all boats. Following the “seizure of power,” investors may have cheered the appearance of a more broadly based government. In addition, those firms that supported the Nazis financially or had business leaders with strong links to the NSDAP on their boards experienced share-price increases many times larger than the general rise in the market… The modal return on Nazi-affiliated firms was about 8 log points higher than for unconnected firms.”

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