Links – 002

Three cheers for the Greek research team with the world’s fastest RAM!

Puncture-proof airless tires are set to hit the market en masse. I do wonder how mass-adoption of these tires will impact criminal activity, if they truly are puncture-proof and can survive longer than rubber tires currently on the road.

Using smartphones to detect ear infections in kids.

Pharma’s decline points to IRR hitting 0 in 2020. The industry’s current business model is set to expire according to the law of diminishing returns, which will have fatal effects on pharma R&D. Adapt or die!

Why tock-tick doesn’t sound right.

The 40-year collaboration between Harold Cohen and AARON. “In all its versions prior to 1980, AARON dealt exclusively with internal aspects of human cognition. It was intended to identify the functional primitives and differentiations used in the building of mental images and, consequently, in the making of drawings and paintings. The program was able to differentiate, for example, between figure and ground and inside and outside, and to function in terms of similarity, division and repetition. Without any object-specific knowledge of the external world, AARON constituted a severely limited model of human cognition, yet the few primitives it embodied proved to be remarkably powerful in generating highly evocative images: images, that is, that suggested, without describing, an external world.” (Related: Cohen’s Fingerpainting for the 21st Century)

It is illegal on 75 percent of the residential land in many American cities to build anything other than a detached single-family home.” While I agree that we need more apartments, duplexes, etc, I don’t think that banning single-family housing city-wide is the correct solution either. We’re pivoting from one extreme to another, and this could be another decision that cities regret in 40 years. I’m very much in the camp of getting rid of most zoning laws and creating simple ones akin to the Japanese zoning laws.

Only Morocco is on track to meet emissions standards set by the Paris climate agreement.

Using RNA to bait TDP-43.

Do generals matter? Perhaps not as much as we are led to believe.

Build science in Africa.

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